Every joy is gain…

Every joy is gain
And gain is gain,
however small.
Robert Browning

This has been a wild and crazy summer for me, and for most of us from what I hear and see!  As I am pleased to be looking at the routine of the autumn life – it seems strange.  Strange to look forward to routine.

The craziness of the world touts adventures.  I love adventures. and riches, and I love riches too!  Good food and laughter…. but was is the meaning of it all, if you walk away and don’t remember.

I know many of us, maybe even most of us, don’t remember much in the details.  I do remember the feelings!  I remember I liked that movie, but I can’t tell you what it was about.  I might remember a picnic, and the smell of the recently cut grass or a visit to a friend’s home while sitting on the cool porch swing.  The feelings are tied to the heart and when the heart is open, for laughter or pain, then life is worth living.

My husband, Michael, and I have gone through many tribulations in the past seasons and our love and dedication seems fuller.  I thought our love and romance would be better with vacations in Jamaica, and sunsets on the beach but the days I remember are the conquering or the relief or the sweetness of a walk holding hands!

I have two gentlemen in my life pass away recently and one little baby boy born into my life.  What does it matter we might say?  Is it for riches and progress, for fame and power… or is it for relationships.  For without love we have nothing.

Have you had difficult times?  Do you remember looking at things which were once valuable to you personally then … and now, it makes no matter.  Without love there is nothing.

Not self love, not pride, though it is joyful to feel a sense of accomplishment.  Accomplishment truly comes when we reach out to others!  When we say, what can I do for you today?  Can you say that, to someone today?

What can I do for you today?

Awesome, to have the unexpected kindness land in your path on this day, and although you cannot determine when you are the recipient of such kindness, you can initiate!  You can START!   If the meaning of life, is how many people you have affected – then affect someone today!  Give someone a smile, someone a nod, someone a good day!  Give another a shoulder to cry on, and another an extended hand.  Give the worker gratitude, and the elder honor, and the youth wisdom.  Give your family the gift of not complaining when you go home!  and give your dog a hug!    Life is short – don’t waste it on yourself – share it!  Experience joy!

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