Fighting Father Time

Are we really present?  Are we using time well? or are we just a shadow of our real selves?
Are you present? Are we using time well? or are we just a shadow of our real selves?

Time, time, time is on my side… yes it is!

I have had many blessings in my life!  Somehow in 2014 I am getting the feeling these blessings will arrive in galloping herds…sounds a bit ferocious for a blessing, but I have been looking at things in a new and different way for 2014!

It is very sweet, because it is without effort – or is it?

Since the economy had been tanked, since I saw multitudes of people suffer and certainly heard millions of sad stories on the news, I had experienced a sensation of withdraw.  I experienced a longer than average need to wait!  Wait till the economy gets better, wait till it gets warm, wait till prices go up, wait till there is money in the bank!

At some point we have to stop waiting and start living!  I remember distinctly the knowledge I possessed and the belief I have carried always –  the Truth of Abundance!  I always have enough!  This is such a healing thought, often protecting ourselves from ourselves.  haha!  The need desire to have more is ongoing. I even write the word “need” incorrectly when I blog!  This humanistic error has created an internal conflict which is not always apparent, but always stress causing!

The same goes with time!  I had this beautiful waking dream thought today that time was my friend!  It was gorgeously gleaming thought of comfort and celebration.  Time was raining upon me!

I can remember thoughts of protecting my time.  I would often say when seeking truth, time is on my side!  But even these words stir the stress of aggression.   Prepare for the battle of time!  Protect and choose sides, synchronize your watches!

The visit I had today, the thought that the Holy Spirit delivered was nothing like this.  Time is my gift! and to be treasured and enjoyed! Eternity actually means the gift is endless.  We certainly have to die, so we know our time is limited in this world – and so we lay claim it as limited and not limitless!  Stake our claim – take ownership – again a protective battlefield stance!

The time I met today when I awoke, was wrapped in a Tiffany box, with a silky white ribbon, it was truly warm and cuddly – time is constant!  It shows up every day!  Time is predictable!  It is never a no show!

Time is patient!  It is so beautiful that time does not rush!

Time is not like a pin ball machine, like so many other influences – confusing!  Time is simple!  

I love the fact NOW – that I can count on time!  I can love time because it is laid before me each morning I awake – and time says come enjoy, come play with me, I am here to be your friend!

The great comfort in time is it can be anything, anywhere and with anyone or everyone!  We never say time is not welcome here!  So no matter if I wish to spend a day alone with books and pen, feeling contemplative or if I have plans to ski the slopes with hundreds of people and tumble and belly laugh while cold – we know we have time to use!

I have been conscientious considering Margin this past year and perhaps I have graduated to know time as my friend!  Professionally, personally, physically, spiritually and financially margin is a healthy requirement.  If you are going to do something – why not arrive early!  It only takes a one time adjustment and you will always arrive on time and with time! Time after time!

The beauty of margin, is your senses are restored.  Beauty, smells of fresh cut grass, patterns of the trees come alive and make art work! People become more generous towards us, when we have time (funny how that works)!

I challenge you to bathe in time!  Enjoy every minute!  It is a luxury lotion to adorn your face and bring back youth and smiles which we have discarded for efficiency!  Do not handcuff yourself or your friend time!  God has many blessings for us!  Time is no longer my enemy, no longer my struggle, Time is my friend!  I love time!

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