7 Ways to Say Thanks to a Teach or Coach!

7 WAYS TO Say Thank you To a Teacher or Coach!



It’s the time of year where we begin to look ahead to summer fun!

Make vacation plans and trade in routine and early evenings for spontaneous overnight vacations and sun-filled days!  But before you do I recommend we pause, and remember how grateful we are for our HOMETOWN HERO TEACHERS AND COACHES!


It has been a great year – even if it’s not your best year – It is a great year!  The relationships and time our teachers and coaches have invested in our families is to be rewarded with a great big THANK YOU!  And maybe this year it is time to do a little more!  With hearts that give 100% it would be nice to give in return!  Here are 7 things every teacher/coach would appreciate.


  1. Dinner – SCORE!  Plan a special event at an inexpensive venue (say Moe’s)  pass out an invite to parents and kids for a night of celebration…let the children recount their favorite stories about the year, the coach, the teacher, funny and sad events, alike!  If you can’t get the team or class to attend – try just a small group or even your family and their family!  Build Relationships!
  2. Gift Card – If organizing an event is impossible for you, why not allow our HOMETOWN HERO enjoy a night on the town free of charge!  A gift card to a fun restaurant can relieve the stress and reward someone who cared for your family.  Make it fun… add a party hat or favors OR FLIP FLOPS! to establish this is a celebration time and you really want to make it known that he/she is APPRECIATED.
  3. Short Video – Would you invest a day for someone that gives you a year in return!  Sounds like a little appreciation may be deserved when you compare the inspiration and knowledge received.  Spend a day at the class or practice and interview the children / young adults on video!  Or take still pictures and put together a book of stills “Called June 2014” – Memories are precious – and pictures keep those memories alive – everlasting and priceless!
  4. Tell Others – write a letter of appreciation and submit it to the school board, principal, sport leaders or association!  It is nice to be appreciated but even nicer when that appreciation pays off!  When others brag about you – the words take on a whole level of meaning and depth!  A teacher/coach can’t go around saying how great they are (it would be meaningless) but if you write a letter – post a blog – or write on the status line!  The feeling takes on life!  Better yet – ask others to do the same….  Who knows – maybe they will get a nomination or a raise!  After all they deserve it – so      take the initiative and get your fingers typing!  Add a picture!
  5. Something of Value – The work doesn’t end with this year there is next year!  Buy something of value for the team or classroom!  Maybe we haven’t done all we could throughout this year – but you can help prepare for next year.  Undercover you can ask – what is the one thing that you wish you would have had this year – or what project was the most effective this year!  Take a collection if it’s something big and help that teacher/coach look forward to 2015!  Teachers and coaches spend a lot of personal money – and a little contribution leads to inspiration that it is really appreciated!  Good for you, good for them and really good for the next years students too!
  6. Help a teacher / coach pack or babysit while they do – bring them lunch after everyone has gone home.  Teachers and coaches don’t get to walk out the door on the last day of school!   A bit melancholy sometimes!  It would be great to see a cheerful face walk in with a roll of tape or a delicious refreshing salad or tropical smoothie.  It doesn’t have to be much – sometimes the warm hug at the end of the year is all it takes – but if you spice it up with “an apple” then it takes on a deeper level of communication.  Pre meditated thankfulness – that’s what we need!
  7. At Fathom Realty, we take our Hometown Heroes seriously!  We provide real savings for our educational leaders, teachers, administrators and staff – looking to buy or sell homes!  We have partnered with Hometown Heroes a non-profit and refund monies spent for appraisals and home inspections!  Agents and sellers provide home warranties!  And the preferred lender and Title Company reduce fees!  Real fees – Save thousands!  It really works and we compare costs side by side on the Good Faith Estimate!  Our teachers, coaches, fire and rescue and police – our military and government workers could have chosen a profit centered business – and they did…it is the profit of a better America and better families!

We at Fathom Realty and Michael and Rebecca Straley – want to say thank you –

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