I remember as a young girl I loved the Excitement and Potential of New Year’s Eve!  Not only the Celebration, Friends, Loud Noises and Unexplainable Spontaneity and Laughter but also the quiet meditation with my quiet voice inside.  My quiet voice is much stronger than the loud green horns that toot irritating noise to others.  The quiet voice is meaningful and full of “know alls” about my personal self.

Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, even to yourself?

I found great reward in making great lists and reviewing my intentions with black check marks and strike outs and revisions.  I spent so much time on my list that I could recite everything I wanted to do, in addition to that which I did not do.

I then since matured and read the book, “ONE WORD” by Jimmy Paige and Dan Britton.  I had already adapted this concept and honestly admit I was saddened that someone else had written a book, on a thought so simplistic.

Why hadn’t I done this?

So this year, is the year TO DO!  Michael, my husband and partner, feels strong urgency to produce as the season is the “harvest”!

As we prepare for 2015 there are many indications of harvest.

The year before the Presidential Election is always awesome for real estate!  In my over two decades I have seen this phenomenon over a half dozen times.  I don’t think it means things are better, it means that every effort politically, is made to make things appear better and then SO BE IT!  

2015 is mid-decade and there is a psychological effect in getting over the hump!  Half way through the race, the week or the decade brings forth a spurt of energy and hope that produces an even greater winning spirit!

The economic downturn is boring now.  We have experienced pain and suffering and lived through it.  We have talked about economics and restructured everything from types of employment, types of employees, regulations, insurance, taxes, loans and phones!  We are done!  We are ready for the good news and for heavens sake, if I need to ACT AS IF, I will.

The need to move is pent up and frustrating!  Housing is a strong incentive to a growing economy.  Most of us have had our transitions on hold.  We are either unable or afraid to move on financially.  During the downturn, children have been born and families are bigger and children have left home and families are smaller!  There are marriages, job transfers, style changes, and interest rate changes and yet we have remained the same, till now.


Pack your bags and your boxes and get ready for a new adventure.  Buy up or buy down but get your values and lifestyles in alignment with your material worldly status.  If you are not sure, you never will be and 2015 is the year to try!  We always have enough in America.  Somehow the American Spirit of Adventure and Truth Seeking can carry us through the unknown.  Do not be afraid – be intentional.

Whether you make a long list and continue to tediously add the black checks or choose ONE WORD – do it!

Mine is to write, while producing greater systems to produce greater actions to help others achieve their goals.  We sell houses, we teach brokers, we lead a National Organization and have Patent-Pendings for some great systems to help homeowners move with confidence!

Here are some ideas for you?

  1. What have you been waiting to do – but have been uncertain of when? Do it now.
  2. What is your “silent” gift? stop waiting & pursue opportunity? Now is the time.
  3. Are you balanced – business – family – spiritual – health – personal?  Live joyfully.
  4. Do you have a friend?  This is key!  Develop an accountability partner, like in the picture.  A family member, spiritual companion, business partner, girlfriend ….  enjoy the journey.  The journey is your story!  Tell It!  Live it!

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