JOIN A TEAM –  If you have the opportunity to join a team – Don’t pass go and you might collect $200 – If you say yes!  There is much to be done and you are spending money like you had some!  You know contracts don’t pay till you go to settlement – and do you know how long that is?


You need a FAST START

– and I don’t recommend sitting in a classroom.  If someone is doing business and needs help – this is your ticket to success!  Help means doing, doing means learning – learning means earning!  Learning and Earning are almost the same word!

GET INVOLVED – This means leave the house!  Take the phone with you.  Take your computer too!  My first recommendation if you are a woman or a man is to join Women’s Council of REALTORS!  Yes men join!  This is a diverse group of REALTORS and Affiliates looking to network and learn!  Many different members from different companies get together once a month and share business ideas!  You will meet the newest and the most seasoned and you can join a NATIONAL NETWORKING WEBSITE for just the cost of an ad in the newspaper.

Community is even more important!  REALTORS are a compassionate bunch, and people want you to walk the walk!  What is your gift?  You most likely already belong to an organization through your children, church, work or hobby.  Investigate leadership possibilities so you can shine – and make sure you always remember it’s about others first!

all directions

GET A NICHE!  – to be a success you need knowledge and you most likely have none. You have to start somewhere so go as your team leader directs or as your vicinity, age, interest inspires you.  If you love first time buyers, know the prices of townhouses!  You should visit resales and new construction!  Classify into price ranges and geographic locations – special incentives!  Be the guy!

Then you have something to talk about!  Think about campaigns!  Campaigns means you find some folks that might want some information and then you talk.  Set up meetings with friends at Starbucks or pass out flyers at apartments.  The idea is you make it up, and along the way to find work – HEY, you find work!

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! – Make absolutely certain you only say what you know.  Which means you have to be prepared to say “I don’t know.”  This is okay.  Often you aren’t the one that is suppose to know.  You are the source of the source!  This is a good time for you to rely on affiliates you might have met at an industry social or the Women’s Council of REALTORS.

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Move fast slowly!  Always rely on your broker and team leader.  If you have a partner with experience you will probably get paid twice as fast as any other new REALTOR. Remember their experience and education and Sphere of Influence is what brought you here, so don’t get greedy.  A percentage of somethings is better than all of nothing!  Find ways to assist your leader, take on more work and you will quickly be the most valuable asset!

Working on the team has many benefits, just one is learning and working!  Maybe I should say two things are learning and working!  So you are on your way! CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy days are ahead.  It is really simple and yet sometimes difficult but absolutely worthy of professional diligence.  People rely on you and will become your raving fan, because you know the facts and share them freely.

Treat your clients well, and they will bring you more!  Treat your team leader well and they will promote you.  Treat yourself well and you will spread much joy!

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Rebecca Straley – Fathom Realty District Director, 2014 Virginia Women’s Council of REALTORS Member of the Year.  Licensed in Virginia – Broker since 1990  Phone/Text 540-834-6263