Help I’m Shrinking – floor plan and all!

If you want to shrink your house payments maybe you should shrink your floor plan too? and your mortgage?

After all they say humans shrink as they age so wouldn’t it make sense that those of us with McMansions in Stafford would also want to downsize our homes.

Don’t know where to start?

The biggest motivation to transfer to a smaller house is Cost Savings.

The cost reductions are very obvious on property taxes, mortgage, property maintenance, utilities and other major living expenses.

Property Taxes are one of the largest expenses of aging homeowners.


Downsizing a home is the almost the only way to cut down on Uncle Sam’s oversized tax bill. Considering that smaller house will have a lower assessment, this means downsizing a home would have a big effect on you cash flow. Reduce debt, increase security. Another large expense is the mortgage. On the average, it cost 30% to 50% of the homeowners’ income. Even a small decrease to such a large percentage of your income can make the difference in comfort vs. stress.

Additionally, who wants to wash 40 windows! or cut acres of lawn for hours a day, months out of they year! Transferring to a smaller house will allow you to lessen property maintenance. Less space to maintain means less money to be spent. Imagine the cost to fertilize 5 acres compared to 1/2 acre. You are talking about decreasing expense 90%! Just the time savings, in itself, is worth considering, especially if you wish to travel and visit the grandchildren.

Fewer rooms to paint and clean, smaller driveway to resurface, no need to have landscaping service. Smaller roof repairs and even a smaller ladder, the ripple effect continues!  Now you can afford features you might never have had before!  In a new, smaller home the cost of granite doesn’t sound so outrageous!

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For Virtual Tour:

Utilities can be reduced because you have less space to heat or cool. As a result, you not only save cash for your pocket book and Christmas Club you save on the global footprint. We are becoming more environmentally savvy as our wisdom takes action.

So what will you do with added time and cash?

Some will drink margaritas while others play golf but your might have a greater vision to serve and protect. If your money were used most wisely, what passion would you follow – a road less travelled? Time and money might be spent to hep children in need or offer homeless puppies needed shots and pampering too. You have adjusted to make the world a better place.

Now the big win!   2014-04-20 21.11.09You sleep better in a cool house, that cost less to heat when you help others. Sleep rebuilds your cells and your energy and your good humor. Not only have you accomplished all of the above you most likely will live longer and have more to share.

Most of us really wanted to save and make sure we’ll be able to reduced cost when transferring to a smaller house. This sounds challenging, tand hat is why it would be wise to plan ahead.

Consider the “WHY” you want to move, what kind of new home you want and other factors that you believe would affect you and your family.

When Michael Straley talks, people listen. You should give him a call or do you dare text – try it – it might be fun – 540-834-6263.

2014-10-28 09.34.28

It’s just empty space – why not release it and live more carefree.
Live large while living small.

Are you thinking of smaller – one story – first floor master – we have a new builder coming to Stafford, VA now! Call Michael at the GoStraleyGroup of Fathom Realty – licensed in Virginia – 800 Corporate Drive Suite 301 Stafford, VA 22554 – the worst that can happen is you meet some new people and learn some new stuff!

What’s It Worth – truth or dare?

That’s what I call living.


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