Rookie Panel Rocked the House


Women’s Council of REALTORS®
hosted a panel of 5 Rookie Realtors® today at the Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS®! As a strong veteran REALTOR®, Rebecca Straley, had considered passing the meeting and doing the “most productive” task on my list. Instead I decided to go and listen and learn – which is always progress!


We love our industry and are personally on a mission to encourage and improve our profession and one method of doing so is to inspire those looking to move into an HGTV Career!

facebookcoverblackFirst I was able to relive the passion I remember with a curious heart, absorbing information from all the sources, as I knew little about the nuances of each individual transaction. The passion for real estate is what brings success to the individual and the transaction.

I was very pleased to hear each of the Outstanding High Achiever Rookies tout their “I can do mentality”! I heard comments like – fear and confidence, I will not allow myself to fail, I can do this!

The common denominator began with hard work, long hours, and a sincere desire to succeed.2016 ccg medals

Most of the agents, had minimal investment potential and were “All In”! No one spoke of the back up plan!

All panel members discussed developing an authentic style that is unique to you and the willingness to be vulnerable with clients and competition.

Everyone understood the importance of being a market expert and the willingness to put in long, late hours to prepare for the next meeting.

Some were analytical, some were social, a couple were tactical but they all worked from the heart.

Real estate agents are a giving and caring people, which makes the profession easy to challenge, as heart felt people are often considered soft, weak or untrained. REALTORS® are a caring people because they understand the importance of a home purchase and they are willing, customarily, to put forth mountains of effort and delay payment of services rendered, until the very final step is completed, with settlement.

201603 ms1REALTORS®, that are successful early, understand the core to success is transactions. The business is a craft and the precision of the artisan is the beauty of the experience. Doing is the best method of learning, when each piece is in evolution, as you attempt to master.

The market, the individual, the regulation and even the purchase cost or power changes each day with each unique situation. The rewards begin with mastery.

Statistics define that only half the REALTORS@ sell more than 1 or 2 homes a year, which makes for little confidence. Today all agents had confidence because they continued activity and considered people first.

Best advice to you REALTOR®, new or experienced, is to knock on doors, have face to face communication, interact on Facebook and answer the pone.

pano_cherry_lakeIt is true – REAL ESTATE IS A PEOPLE BUSINESS! and knowing comes with doing so tracking reviews and transactions is a great starting point to evaluate your sincerity and expertise in the business and it is an even most wise decision for folks looking to buy or sell, review your potential agent’s activity – just ask them – how many homes did you sell last year?


Go Straley Group of eXp Realty – 800 Corporate Dr. #301 Stafford, VA.  540-658-3090





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