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Did you ever dream about the country life?  I did but I still want a beautiful home and landscaping.  I want to be close to town and have the ability to travel north and south, country roads would be fine without all the congestion!   If I had a hundred acres I wonder if I could make it income producing?  have pets?  Maybe horses?  or work from home?


Well the dream is here!  It can be true, actually it is true at Kelmar Farms!      3258 Thompson Mill in Goldvein!  Well it’s almost true – how about 97 Acres and everything else above and below is included too!

Questions and Answers from the Sellers!

  1.  If I had 97 acres would I have the ability to have flowers at the street?         I love even an ivy vine around the mailbox?   YES, it can be true – it is true if you have water to the street!  At Kelmar Farms, they did just that so you have a spigot at the end of the driveway.  After all, you were not build to carry buckets of water and it is not pretty to have hoses lining a beautiful cherry tree lined driveway, now is it?  It’s amazing such a simple task – is so important, now that’s efficient!
  2. When I purchase Kelmar Farms will I see sunsets or sunrises? SunsetsAt Kelmar Farms you will see both!   Big sky views is one on the most awesome, inspiring visions of Kelmar.   Not only do you see sunrise and sunset, you also see thunderous skies and lightning shows!   Fortunately, this allows time to tidy up and protect the animals and machinery as you plan your day.  Then sit back and relax, and observe the national beauty of a changing sky.  Snuggled by the trees, the open area around the estate gives you plenty of fresh air and open breezes.
  3. I think it’s nice to have 97 Acres, but I don’t think I could rake the yard in the fall?  I agree, and this problem is cured.   Having open acreage the leaves just blow across the fields to the woods.  Seldom if ever is a rake needed.  Just a few smartly positioned shade trees keep our landscaping practically maintenance free!  The walk view of the pond is open and as I state the open sky allows the perfect bird watching opportunities.  One more thing, no worry about falling trees – house and driveway are free and clear, so no more worries about the trees.
  4. What happens if you lose power?   We have taken care of your every need with a whole house generator.  It even turns on automatically and for your peace of mind it exercises every Wednesday.  You never worry if it will start again!  It is fun to microwave the popcorn and pour a cold glass of wine.  The owners even watch television during a power outage and it’s there own little secret, snuggled privately on 97 acres, set back from the road.  Also, ask about the geo thermal?
  5. Well that’s great you don’t worry about the house in a storm with the generator but what about the horses?  Got it covered.   Stables1.jpgFirst let me explain, there are two wells.  The horses still have water when we lose electricity because the generator click on and can click the water from the house to the barn with a built in switch.  One well is near the house and one is near the equipment shed. By the way, the horse barn has it’s own electric meter.
  6. I suppose I would get tired having such a big house?                                             I love the master bedroom on the first floor.  Family RoomOf course this is important as we grow older, but also for convenience.  It is just so comfortable that we primarily live on the main floor and have the upper and terrace level available for entertaining and family reunions!  One of the most exciting features are the ceilings in the master bathroom and first floor master and family room – cathedral ceiling makes it spacious and voluminous – cozy wood adds a warmth to the room.
  7. What have I missed?  Can you tell me more?
    1. Our construction strategy went into overdrive as the fireplace keeps the living room warm and cozy and the basement is always cool.
    2. Entertaining and conversational areas are abundant wand we get to oversee the back 40 …..  and i invite hummingbirds – multiples at the same time.  Sometimes I feed 40 lbs of sugar through the season, but that’s my hobby to love the wildlife… and there is plenty.
    3. There’s many more things, of course but if I can tell you just a couple more of the things we love.  Like our surround sound!  You may notice speakers in places I don’t even remember but pretty sure in the family room, in the kitchen, and the living room, and the porch too!
    4. Another favorite is the “Smart House”!   I need more room to go into detail but we can explain how we can program the lights and the heating.


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