Coan Haven

Have you ever dreamed of a peaceful river off a large river that flows into the Chesapeake Bay?  Welcome to the Coan River that flows into the mouth of the Potomac that converges with our National Treasure, the Chesapeake Bay and all the beauty and bounty it offers.

The owners just a few days ago texted me pictures of Dolphins visiting for a while to say hello and of course have a snack or two.  No worries, we all have to eat to survive.  Remember Lion King, the circle of life!  We diverge, how about celebrating your life with a gift of tranquility, water sports and close access to BIG Water and Sailboating. How long have you dreamed about this?


The vortex is now where LOW INTEREST Rates and LOW PRICES have met HIGH INTERESTED RATE of fulfilling that waterfront dream stirring in your heart.  Fishing, Crabbing, Sailing, Growing Oysters and just flat out gazing at sunrises and sunsets.  Hard to ever get tired of this.  The TIME IS HERE to BUY YOUR DREAM at a DISCOUNT to the PAST.  GET PAST YOURSELF and GET TO COAN!  If you are reading this and you ACT, you will THANK US LATER! … We will surely say, You are Welcome and Congratulations!


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