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If they can’t fly, they’ll starve …

If the can’t fly they starve…

because they only eat prey they catch while flying.  

Michael at Open House on the weekend takes a walk to the Po River while showing many customers the beauty of 8410 Heron Pointe Way which sits on over 12 acres backing to Glady Run and the Po River!  He loves the woods and sees the tiniest details.  It’s so fun he took the time to save the dragonfly and share with us, too!

Michael found the abandoned spider web and the little creature was stuck.  Lucky for him Michael strolled by – lucky for us he had a camera.  8410 Heron Pointe Way, Spotsylvania
  • They fly up and down and hover.
  • Have great eyesight – that is there whole head.
  • Harvard Study says they have a 95% Conversion Rate –
  • Serrated teeth – yikes !!!!!
  • Fossils show dragonflies use to have wingspans up to two feet!


Read more:– Smithsonian magazine for only $12! 


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Cul de Sac

 More than 12 Acres

Built in 2006

Sunroom & Office Grade Finished:  3,347 Warm Custom Colors  2 Story Ceilings
Granite Below Grade Unfinished:  1754 Shadowboxing & Molding 3 Baths & 4 Bedrooms Upper

Coan Haven

Have you ever dreamed of a peaceful river off a large river that flows into the Chesapeake Bay?  Welcome to the Coan River that flows into the mouth of the Potomac that converges with our National Treasure, the Chesapeake Bay and all the beauty and bounty it offers.

The owners just a few days ago texted me pictures of Dolphins visiting for a while to say hello and of course have a snack or two.  No worries, we all have to eat to survive.  Remember Lion King, the circle of life!  We diverge, how about celebrating your life with a gift of tranquility, water sports and close access to BIG Water and Sailboating. How long have you dreamed about this?


The vortex is now where LOW INTEREST Rates and LOW PRICES have met HIGH INTERESTED RATE of fulfilling that waterfront dream stirring in your heart.  Fishing, Crabbing, Sailing, Growing Oysters and just flat out gazing at sunrises and sunsets.  Hard to ever get tired of this.  The TIME IS HERE to BUY YOUR DREAM at a DISCOUNT to the PAST.  GET PAST YOURSELF and GET TO COAN!  If you are reading this and you ACT, you will THANK US LATER! … We will surely say, You are Welcome and Congratulations!



Watch the Beautiful Drone Video!

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Yes you can strike Gold in Goldvein!


Kelmar Farms Virtual Tour

Did you ever dream about the country life?  I did but I still want a beautiful home and landscaping.  I want to be close to town and have the ability to travel north and south, country roads would be fine without all the congestion!   If I had a hundred acres I wonder if I could make it income producing?  have pets?  Maybe horses?  or work from home?


Well the dream is here!  It can be true, actually it is true at Kelmar Farms!      3258 Thompson Mill in Goldvein!  Well it’s almost true – how about 97 Acres and everything else above and below is included too!

Questions and Answers from the Sellers!


Pricing is More than a Number! Think!

Go Straley Group explain that market stats are not able to be discerned at a moment’s notice.  Not by a consumer or a real estate agent.  It takes study.  It is intentional.  It is unique and personal to your property, your marketplace and your location.

There is no other way.   This is why a professional agent in the market daily, for years or decades, will be your valuable resource.

It’s priceless – for the peace of mind alone.  Knowing everything has been considered.

Go Straley has visited thousands of properties over decades!  Through inspections, strategies and negotiations the experience internalizes and the results are tracked.



Pricing a home for a buyer, as well as a seller is critical.  There are money leaks riddling the process and most of the time you don’t even know what you lost.



It’s not a game of asking more and settling for less.  It is a target.  It is precision.   Most often you only get one time to hit the target.  Don’t waste opportunity!

Go Straley Group gets it right the first time – every time. 


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