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How -Mom and Dad’s, mom and dad got closer to MOM AND DAD!

I want to share THIER story!!

We all spend a lot of time thinking about children and the younger generation and some of our time thinking about parents.  The need is great to consider NOW how our generations will support each other!  In 2015 the Go Straley Group was fortunate to assist a local family with parents and heritage in transition.

I know a lot of young families move away from home.  Often times, we meet a spouse in college, have job transfers or unique personal opportunities that widen the geographic of the family.  We easily accept the concept of a global community not fully comprehending the unintended consequence.

However, as we grow, and children become adults, parents and grandparents often look around and are not sure of the next step.  My parents are in Pennsylvania and, you got to know, I would do much to bring them to Virginia, if only they could embrace the change.


As I was saying in the beginning, it was so fun to work with a family that did embrace this change!  The parents’ parents, now great grandma and great grandpa lived in their home for over 40 years and in their community even longer.  It was fun to travel back to the hometown just a few States away for the holidays, but families get busy and as the generations grow their obligations become overwhelming to the immediate family and visiting great grandma takes the toll.

Well GG and GP decided it was time to move and it was a process – and not an overnight decision.  The frequent trips to visit became less frequent, as driving at night becomes a concern and general health needs become more present each day.  Also, it is on the wish list of all loving families, to have more family members close at hand, not only, in case of emergency, but morning coffee sessions too!

So, the process began with information gathering and imagination.  GG and GP had private discussions on values and family and had to consider the likely possibility that they may not depart this world at the same time, so in an Action of Love – began preparing with the thought and later the action.  They began to understand the move to be closer to children might likely be approaching.  This is still not a plan, but a beginning.


Garage sales and cleaning out of unwanted and unnecessary clutter was a mission.  It was a great feeling to put things to use, through donations.  Things that sat in the garage, the linen closet, upper kitchen cabinets and more began departing the homestead!  The family became more sensitive to hearing and seeing home style possibilities and, in this case, quickly moved to viewing homes! 

0021One day, GG and GP agreed to look at a community just down the street from the children’s’ grown families and loved the new designs and envisioning where the favorite desk, piano and guest bed would fit.  The carefully analyzed the utility of the baths and the kitchen storage.  The safety and community were explored, as was the HOA representative and neighbors.  The idea became so exciting and real the house was identified within months, inspected, purchased and moving day began.

It was fun to watch the car and trailer full of family heirlooms and precious hobby tools come to Virginia.  There was no rush and the joy of moving was one of nurture and growth and joy.

Today I am ready to revisit – to see if the favorite bookcase found its new home.


It can be difficult to make life changes and it doesn’t happen overnight, but I bet if your think about it, you might know someone going through this process right now.

Wouldn’t it be nice, to refer your friends and family to a professional you know who is patient and loving and educated about our communities?  Each family has a different priority when relocating parents nearby.  Friends, hobbies, church, location and shopping may all play a part.  In addition, size of home, yard and amenities need to be considered while balancing affordability and time schedules.

Go Straley Group is asking you to consider who you might know now in this lifestyle transition!

Would you please give me a call or text / even a Facebook message to let me know what you think about generational support and dependency?  If you know someone, please actively provide our phone number 540-834-6263 or better yet, call us and we will reach out.

Life changes are big, and you want to refer someone you trust!  In the years of business in our community our integrity, follow through and patience have earned us great references, which we can provide.  Please call and if you like any real estate information or home ideas/assistance let’s talk!  

 Let’s Talk Michael Straley 540-834-6263 or Rebecca 540-379-1949!

Check out our Website for More Info!

REALTORS® are 100 Years Old!

The “Mark” Turns 100: Get Ready to Celebrate

Find out what NAR is planning in 2016 to celebrate this remarkable milestone.

The trademark term “REALTOR®” was adopted in 1916 to identify the members of the National Association of REALTORS®, a revolutionary group of individuals deeply committed to integrity, community, and protecting the American dream of property ownership. Throughout 2016, NAR will celebrate the history and future of what it means to be a REALTOR®. As part of the celebration, NAR will launch an interactive website where members can share how they are making a difference within their communities. You’re invited to submit your own story and to nominate fellow REALTORS® whose contributions demonstrate pride in their REALTOR® identity and show how they help consumers understand the power of REALTORS®. Look for more information at in early 2016.


The above article is representative of the GREAT FOCUS REALTORS® place on community involvement!  If you have a story about your REALTOR® I will be happy to submit so they may gain recognition among their peers and the consumers!  100 Years is a long time to serve the public – “and we reserve the right to continue to improve!”  Every day we at the Go Straley Group continue to ask the question – How can we serve families more efficiently and with great compassion!

Forward your REALTOR® story – those REALTORS® that serve our community!  and I will forward and submit the National Association of REALTORS® on your behalf!

Rebecca Straley, Broker – Fathom Realty – Licensed in Virginia

540-379-1949 –

Ecological Footprint – Traffic Ahead


Ecological Footprint – Traffic Ahead
Michael Straley

Have you ever looked in a full elevator from the outside and stepped forward thinking, “Yeah, they can fit one more?” Normally, the reaction of the existing travelers to this contraption aren’t as excited about the proposition, but my estimate is that 30% or so of the joyful optimists, say “Sure, we can fit one more”. This personal ecological footprint paper will examine my personal footprint along with the discussion of how many “one mores” we can “safely” absorb with our/my current consumption pattern(s). The assessment will involve the three popular footprint calculators and my personal tabular results from one of them.

The introspection portion of this paper will involve my own behavior analysis augmented by external references reflecting on our collective existence and connection to the earth. The summary will be inspirational for the possibilities and improvements we can make to create ample space in the elevator. Going Up!
The Michael Straley ecological footprint scores are posted! Let the reflection begin. With grades of 6.61, 1.6, and 6.6, that would be an average of 4.9 planet earths required for my existence. The detailed results below are from the Center for Sustainable Economy footprint calculator utilizing My FootPrint Calculator
(in global acres)

ecological_footprint Footprint
Country Average
Carbon Footprint
Food Footprint
Housing Footprint
Goods and Services Footprint
My total footprint

(in global acres)
Country Average
Cropland footprint
Pastureland footprint
Marine fisheries footprint
Forestland footprint
My total footprint

Number of Earths

My 6.61 earths could be a sign or badge of wealth and accomplishment for being above average, being prosperous, being able to afford food, services, travel and energy enough to provide comfort and luxury in excess of the demarcation line of existence and survival. Whether that comfort creates happiness, joy, and health is outside the scope of this paper, however it does lead back to the analogy of the elevator and an updated question; with that score, is there room for one more? Given humanity’s average of 1.4 planet Earths (Global Footprint Network, 2011), the answer is, “the elevator is getting packed full!” The risk of an overloaded elevator includes inability of effective operation, getting stuck, and even worse, the cable breaking. Even if it isn’t as dramatic as the crash to the ground, as in the movies, the point is clear, read and obey the capacity rating on the elevator.


We are intelligent humans, if we have a capacity problem, simple answer, we create more capacity! To determine our success with this strategy, we recall upon history and history reveals a pattern: We create new technologies only to discover that they lead to health complications. Then we solve the problem with science. Additionally, we have a tendency to find out much too late that modern living is also killing us. (Young & Dhanda, 2013). The $64,000 question is always, “is it different this time?” With the world population expected to double in the next 58 years (Pimentel & Pimentel, 2008), we can no longer expect the other person to change their behavior to fix the problem.

Knowing the footprint averages, my surprise was largely found in how many aspects of my life had impact on my ecological footprint. I found the Earth Day website to be the most conducive to these what-if scenarios. I simulated a dramatic lifestyle change which included moving my avatar wife into a 1500 sqft. home, reducing my commute to a minimum, buying a car with 40+ MPG, utilizing public transportation, cutting all meat out of my diet, buying local produce, vacationing local, recycling everything, buying recycled products and installing a solar generator. I thought this would yield a below 1.0 planet earths, but much to my dismay, we only made it to 3.1. We subsequently moved myself and my avatar wife to India and were able to accomplish 0.4 planet earths. After much joy and celebrations over our footprint reduction, we began missing our children and family and were spending so much on airfare, we decided to move closer and chose Calgary, Canada. We set up home in a minimalist manner and were able to accomplish 5.8 hectares or converted equates to 3.2 planet earths. Much to our dismay our footprint was not much less than minimalist setup in Virginia, so we decided to move back. Upon looking at the footprint percentage breakdown metrics, the high land/energy component suggests the abundance of land and energy availability to the American and Canadian citizen creates a default high basis to the footprint reading. Based on those simulations, there must be an inherent population density parameter built into the algorithm. With that noted, that compels an intensified probe into what we can accomplish on an individual level.

Technology and advancements worldwide are being seen in areas such as renewable energy, physicians per capita, and energy efficiency, but depletions are being seen in forest areas, greenhouse-gas emissions, and increases in ecological footprints (Docksai, 2014). The biggest obstacles I see to improving these sustainability depletions involve “Time and Pace”. Seeking convenience is largely driven by desire to save time due to our hectic pace.avaiary1 I have found that if I slow down, I actually consume less, spend more time improving what I already have, and spend more time on sustainability rather than consumption. Realizing that I have more acreage footprint available to me in America, I can utilize that footprint by improvements in gardening, solar strategies, and other life enhancing sustainable behavior changes.  4028284391_31cb7f39d3_z
Before I can make those larger steps, I need to alter my built in “productivity” equation and engage a mindset of a “sustainability” equation. As I changed my mindset through the duration of the REALTOR® University RE590 LEED Design, Construction, and Sustainability class, my behaviors began to change and contagiously affect the behaviors of others around me. One example just yesterday involved my daughter holding up a water bottle and said, “Dad, look I refilled it.” Other obvious measurable differences included my recycling canister being more full than the trash canister. The purchase of my beloved paper towels has recently been replaced by washable kitchen towels. Our favorite change has been that our throw away coffee cups are being replaced by look alike re-useable $1 plastic Starbucks cups. Sweatshirts during our cold winter are compensating for a slow reduction in household temperatures driven by a simple click-click on the thermostat. We are in the midst of many more changes triggered by a simple, yet thorough shift in mindset. I truly cannot testify as to how this will exactly change my ecological footprint, but one less of this and one less of that times 7 billion can probably make some degree of impact. This equation compels the next question; can one less car on the road prevent a traffic jam?

If the Earth Highway LED traffic sign read “Heavy Congestion 2 months ahead”, would you take an alternate route? With the ecological footprint of our population exceeding the earth’s current capacity, the traffic sign is blinking red! Unfortunately, our existence is more like this upcoming traffic jam rather than the simplistic analogy of an elevator exceeding capacity. We are all driving ahead at 70 MPH, not aware of the upcoming bottleneck and then BAMM, a screeching halt, traffic imprisonment! Even though we notice the informational warning sign, we have a hopeful disillusion that the bottleneck will be gone by the time we arrive. 2142998605_dcb3ae2a6b_oWe also tend to feel there is little we can do to change the situation; after all we are just ONE car. The challenge upon us is that self-interest is a powerful motivator and diffusing responsibility to others is a common tendency (Kish-gephart, Detert, Treviño, Baker, & Martin, 2014). To break this pattern requires a shift in mindset/awareness, a vision or a catalyst that changes individual behavior or alternatively, in the worst case, accidents, illnesses, resource depletions and tragedies to force the change (not fun!). A big picture top down view is for governments, civil societies, businesses and international organizations to support and institute sustainability (Ahmad & Ahmed, 2012). Lest we forget, those organizations are all made of humans, so another more simple paradigm that can trigger this shift is to love one another, which sparks selfless-interest. This might possibly be best relayed in poetry rather than reasoning. To read poetry, it involves a change in pace, which may be the first step to the change in place and the next to change this place. Pause, then Absorb!


“No Man is an Island”
No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.  (Donne, 1624)

Ahmad, W., Soskolne, C. L., & Ahmed, T. (2012). Strategic thinking on sustainability: Challenges and sectoral roles.Environment, Development and Sustainability, 14(1), 67-83. doi:
Docksai, R. (2014). Annual report card on our future. The Futurist, 48(4), 53-55. Retrieved from
Global Footprint Network Homepage.” Global Footprint Network.
Kish-gephart, J., Detert, J., Treviño, L. K., Baker, V., & Martin, S. (2014). Situational moral disengagement: Can the effects of self-interest be mitigated? Journal of Business Ethics, 125(2), 267-285. doi:
Pimentel, D., & Pimentel, M. (2008). The future: World population and food security. In C. L. Soskolne, L. Westra, L. J. Kotze´, B. Mackey, W. E. Rees, & R. Westra (Eds.), Sustaining life on earth: environmental and human health through global governance (pp. 285–298). Lanham, Maryland, USA: Lexington Books, A Division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 482 pp.
Young, S., Dhanda, K. (2013). Sustainability: Essentials for Business, 5.

Ecological Footprint Quizzes and Calculators:

What We Do today Will Determine Our Life Tomorrow

Featured image

Sustain Ability – Unfiltered

What We Do Today Will Determine Our Life Tomorrow

by Michael Straley


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and sustainability connect to the environment, the economy, and to ethics. Sustainability will first be presented as a mind-set shift (U.S. General Services Administration, 2000).  That shift can trigger our behavior and determine our ability to sustain or not to sustain; that is the question. At the core of this discussion, the earth is our gift to utilize, but the gift of her miracles and abundance is finite.  To demonstrate a natural system worth preserving, the ecosystem of the amazing oyster is also highlighted.  Finally, we do have the ability to sustain; the emphasis on this has already begun in our past, but the moment of truth is in our present.

LEED and Sustainability – The Connection


Aside from the great powers and abundance of nature itself, the decisions of man, corporations, and governments have the most predominant impact on the balances of our earth. Every decision has ripple effects similar to a stone hitting a peaceful body of water. Depending on the size, speed, and amount of stones, the ripples will be peaceful and well absorbed or conversely disruptive and destructive to our environment and economy.  In this analogy, LEED and sustainability help modulate the size, speed, and amount of stones and can help create a “’Good and Bad’ decision-dynamics model” (Abdullah, Murad, Hasan 2015). images (2)If we remember we are the stone throwers that govern the billions of ripples, we can better shape the connection to our earth.  If we also remember we are the stakeholders, our decision awareness multiplies.

Mother Earth and Our Mind-set

The earth is abundant and we therefore grow in population and build thriving economies on her resources and her shoulders, yet she is finite.  With the world’s urban population increasing from about 38% in 1975 to almost 50% in 2007 and projected 70% by 2050 (Hira & Jain), the consequences of our choices and consumption are accelerating. The high-performance green building focus of LEED (Furr 2009) and the focus on design for sustainability described in the Hannover Principles (McDonough, 1992) are becoming cornerstones that can connect to change our mind-sets so we just don’t run faster. images (5)Concepts like the waste hierarchy “3 Rs” reduce, reuse, and recycle (Hira & Jain), can now connect into our choices.   We should avoid equating abundance and low cost to unlimited resources. As economic leader Jack Welch has stated, “Change before you have to.”  These are the mind-set shifts that will ethically protect our miraculous gift, Mother Earth, and her abundant, yet limited resources!


The Earth is full of miracles and abundance. One such example is that of the Oyster. The adult oyster can pump and strain up to 2 gallons of water in an hour. It is estimated that prior to the 1880’s the 18 Trillion gallons of water in the Chesapeake Bay could be filtered in a matter of days.  Today it would take over a year (Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 2015). download (1) sustainability compels protecting this miraculous system and understanding the interconnectedness so that future generations won’t lose this filtration system that cannot be replicated or matched by man. I hate to spoil your next dinner, but I’d rather protect your future.

The Future

“Our present will become our past which will show up in our Future.” – Andy Stanley.  LEED and sustainability are the roadmaps to boost our interconnected behavior to the environment, to the economy, and to inspire our ethical behavior.  Since our direction, not our intention will determine our destination, LEED by example and personally make choices based on sustain ability.  For each decision, choose what you want most over what you want now!

Straley Fathom Sticker- no cell


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Help I’m Shrinking – floor plan and all!

If you want to shrink your house payments maybe you should shrink your floor plan too? and your mortgage?

After all they say humans shrink as they age so wouldn’t it make sense that those of us with McMansions in Stafford would also want to downsize our homes.

Don’t know where to start?

The biggest motivation to transfer to a smaller house is Cost Savings.

The cost reductions are very obvious on property taxes, mortgage, property maintenance, utilities and other major living expenses.

Property Taxes are one of the largest expenses of aging homeowners.


Downsizing a home is the almost the only way to cut down on Uncle Sam’s oversized tax bill. Considering that smaller house will have a lower assessment, this means downsizing a home would have a big effect on you cash flow. Reduce debt, increase security. Another large expense is the mortgage. On the average, it cost 30% to 50% of the homeowners’ income. Even a small decrease to such a large percentage of your income can make the difference in comfort vs. stress.

Additionally, who wants to wash 40 windows! or cut acres of lawn for hours a day, months out of they year! Transferring to a smaller house will allow you to lessen property maintenance. Less space to maintain means less money to be spent. Imagine the cost to fertilize 5 acres compared to 1/2 acre. You are talking about decreasing expense 90%! Just the time savings, in itself, is worth considering, especially if you wish to travel and visit the grandchildren.

Fewer rooms to paint and clean, smaller driveway to resurface, no need to have landscaping service. Smaller roof repairs and even a smaller ladder, the ripple effect continues!  Now you can afford features you might never have had before!  In a new, smaller home the cost of granite doesn’t sound so outrageous!

0002 0021 0025

For Virtual Tour:

Utilities can be reduced because you have less space to heat or cool. As a result, you not only save cash for your pocket book and Christmas Club you save on the global footprint. We are becoming more environmentally savvy as our wisdom takes action.

So what will you do with added time and cash?

Some will drink margaritas while others play golf but your might have a greater vision to serve and protect. If your money were used most wisely, what passion would you follow – a road less travelled? Time and money might be spent to hep children in need or offer homeless puppies needed shots and pampering too. You have adjusted to make the world a better place.

Now the big win!   2014-04-20 21.11.09You sleep better in a cool house, that cost less to heat when you help others. Sleep rebuilds your cells and your energy and your good humor. Not only have you accomplished all of the above you most likely will live longer and have more to share.

Most of us really wanted to save and make sure we’ll be able to reduced cost when transferring to a smaller house. This sounds challenging, tand hat is why it would be wise to plan ahead.

Consider the “WHY” you want to move, what kind of new home you want and other factors that you believe would affect you and your family.

When Michael Straley talks, people listen. You should give him a call or do you dare text – try it – it might be fun – 540-834-6263.

2014-10-28 09.34.28

It’s just empty space – why not release it and live more carefree.
Live large while living small.

Are you thinking of smaller – one story – first floor master – we have a new builder coming to Stafford, VA now! Call Michael at the GoStraleyGroup of Fathom Realty – licensed in Virginia – 800 Corporate Drive Suite 301 Stafford, VA 22554 – the worst that can happen is you meet some new people and learn some new stuff!

What’s It Worth – truth or dare?

That’s what I call living.







JOIN A TEAM –  If you have the opportunity to join a team – Don’t pass go and you might collect $200 – If you say yes!  There is much to be done and you are spending money like you had some!  You know contracts don’t pay till you go to settlement – and do you know how long that is?


You need a FAST START

– and I don’t recommend sitting in a classroom.  If someone is doing business and needs help – this is your ticket to success!  Help means doing, doing means learning – learning means earning!  Learning and Earning are almost the same word!

GET INVOLVED – This means leave the house!  Take the phone with you.  Take your computer too!  My first recommendation if you are a woman or a man is to join Women’s Council of REALTORS!  Yes men join!  This is a diverse group of REALTORS and Affiliates looking to network and learn!  Many different members from different companies get together once a month and share business ideas!  You will meet the newest and the most seasoned and you can join a NATIONAL NETWORKING WEBSITE for just the cost of an ad in the newspaper.

Community is even more important!  REALTORS are a compassionate bunch, and people want you to walk the walk!  What is your gift?  You most likely already belong to an organization through your children, church, work or hobby.  Investigate leadership possibilities so you can shine – and make sure you always remember it’s about others first!

all directions

GET A NICHE!  – to be a success you need knowledge and you most likely have none. You have to start somewhere so go as your team leader directs or as your vicinity, age, interest inspires you.  If you love first time buyers, know the prices of townhouses!  You should visit resales and new construction!  Classify into price ranges and geographic locations – special incentives!  Be the guy!

Then you have something to talk about!  Think about campaigns!  Campaigns means you find some folks that might want some information and then you talk.  Set up meetings with friends at Starbucks or pass out flyers at apartments.  The idea is you make it up, and along the way to find work – HEY, you find work!

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! – Make absolutely certain you only say what you know.  Which means you have to be prepared to say “I don’t know.”  This is okay.  Often you aren’t the one that is suppose to know.  You are the source of the source!  This is a good time for you to rely on affiliates you might have met at an industry social or the Women’s Council of REALTORS.

2014-10-28 09.34.28

Move fast slowly!  Always rely on your broker and team leader.  If you have a partner with experience you will probably get paid twice as fast as any other new REALTOR. Remember their experience and education and Sphere of Influence is what brought you here, so don’t get greedy.  A percentage of somethings is better than all of nothing!  Find ways to assist your leader, take on more work and you will quickly be the most valuable asset!

Working on the team has many benefits, just one is learning and working!  Maybe I should say two things are learning and working!  So you are on your way! CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy days are ahead.  It is really simple and yet sometimes difficult but absolutely worthy of professional diligence.  People rely on you and will become your raving fan, because you know the facts and share them freely.

Treat your clients well, and they will bring you more!  Treat your team leader well and they will promote you.  Treat yourself well and you will spread much joy!

GO STRALEY GROUP of Fathom Realty Stafford, Va. Licensed in Va.
of Fathom Realty
Stafford, Va.
Licensed in Va.


Rebecca Straley – Fathom Realty District Director, 2014 Virginia Women’s Council of REALTORS Member of the Year.  Licensed in Virginia – Broker since 1990  Phone/Text 540-834-6263

GO STRALEY GROUP says selling houses is a mission!

Life is about to GET A WHOLE LOT BETTER for the REALTOR® and the CLIENT! If we learn to embrace the unfamiliar and articulate VALUE! What is your mission?

GSG logo

The GO STRALEY GROUP Mission Statement is our truth:

We are a team of successful REALTORS, with sustained study and preparation in advance of your call.  We stand ready to deploy and craft the unique plan for your transaction that will enhance the extraordinary and mitigate the limitations.    We will celebrate with you on the sunny days and we will walk beside you on the stormy days. It is by this navigation, not just by good intention, that you will likely reach your destination.

horiz-bw2-gray 2

FATHOM REALTY Mission Statement is our truth:

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. Our philosophy is that happy real estate agents provide the best service and give the most back to their clients. The best technology, training, support & commission splits in the industry!


SO IT IS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL!  The public does not need or want to walk into a real estate office anymore?  Who has the time?  Why would I want to walk into an office and have to work with the duty agent?  What if I don’t like them, or they don’t understand my lifestyle?  Office environments limit choice and Internet environments expand choice! The secret formula, is CUSTOMERS LIKE CHOICE!  Fathom Realty, was awarded a badge of honor – 2014 INC 500 FASTEST GROWING REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE!

Rebecca and Michael Straley will tell you why it is good for the Client and the REALTOR® (1 of 1)

YOU NEED TO BE AUTHENTIC!  and you need to have the integrity to deliver what you say you will!  





Real estate just got a whole lot better!


I remember as a young girl I loved the Excitement and Potential of New Year’s Eve!  Not only the Celebration, Friends, Loud Noises and Unexplainable Spontaneity and Laughter but also the quiet meditation with my quiet voice inside.  My quiet voice is much stronger than the loud green horns that toot irritating noise to others.  The quiet voice is meaningful and full of “know alls” about my personal self.

Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves, even to yourself?

I found great reward in making great lists and reviewing my intentions with black check marks and strike outs and revisions.  I spent so much time on my list that I could recite everything I wanted to do, in addition to that which I did not do.

I then since matured and read the book, “ONE WORD” by Jimmy Paige and Dan Britton.  I had already adapted this concept and honestly admit I was saddened that someone else had written a book, on a thought so simplistic.

Why hadn’t I done this?

So this year, is the year TO DO!  Michael, my husband and partner, feels strong urgency to produce as the season is the “harvest”!

As we prepare for 2015 there are many indications of harvest.

The year before the Presidential Election is always awesome for real estate!  In my over two decades I have seen this phenomenon over a half dozen times.  I don’t think it means things are better, it means that every effort politically, is made to make things appear better and then SO BE IT!  

2015 is mid-decade and there is a psychological effect in getting over the hump!  Half way through the race, the week or the decade brings forth a spurt of energy and hope that produces an even greater winning spirit!

The economic downturn is boring now.  We have experienced pain and suffering and lived through it.  We have talked about economics and restructured everything from types of employment, types of employees, regulations, insurance, taxes, loans and phones!  We are done!  We are ready for the good news and for heavens sake, if I need to ACT AS IF, I will.

The need to move is pent up and frustrating!  Housing is a strong incentive to a growing economy.  Most of us have had our transitions on hold.  We are either unable or afraid to move on financially.  During the downturn, children have been born and families are bigger and children have left home and families are smaller!  There are marriages, job transfers, style changes, and interest rate changes and yet we have remained the same, till now.


Pack your bags and your boxes and get ready for a new adventure.  Buy up or buy down but get your values and lifestyles in alignment with your material worldly status.  If you are not sure, you never will be and 2015 is the year to try!  We always have enough in America.  Somehow the American Spirit of Adventure and Truth Seeking can carry us through the unknown.  Do not be afraid – be intentional.

Whether you make a long list and continue to tediously add the black checks or choose ONE WORD – do it!

Mine is to write, while producing greater systems to produce greater actions to help others achieve their goals.  We sell houses, we teach brokers, we lead a National Organization and have Patent-Pendings for some great systems to help homeowners move with confidence!

Here are some ideas for you?

  1. What have you been waiting to do – but have been uncertain of when? Do it now.
  2. What is your “silent” gift? stop waiting & pursue opportunity? Now is the time.
  3. Are you balanced – business – family – spiritual – health – personal?  Live joyfully.
  4. Do you have a friend?  This is key!  Develop an accountability partner, like in the picture.  A family member, spiritual companion, business partner, girlfriend ….  enjoy the journey.  The journey is your story!  Tell It!  Live it!

Who Is Your Hometown Hero?

My father is a Marine!


I went to 23 different schools before graduating high school! I learned to say “yes sir”, put my hand over my heart, and stand silent when the colors were raised or lowered.  I learned to do my best which includes admitting when I am wrong.  My father dedicated his life so we might enjoy freedom! So our children and grandchildren might enjoy freedom!  Being a Marine brat wasn’t easy but I did learn priceless lessons – like respect and gratitude!  Which is why I sought to work with a company that puts culture first, FATHOM REALTY.

Everyday our Hometown Heroes provide services and empathy that goes above and beyond! Days and Months and Years go by with little reward or gratitude sometimes and Michael and Rebecca Straley would like to be the REALTOR advocated for our Hometown Heroes! Those heroes that put the needs of others first. Please think about who your Heroes are! Tell them thank you! and look them in the eye when you say it!  Appreciation goes a long ways!

Fathom Realty is a service-oriented company looking to serve REALTORS that wish to serve clients! United we can say thank you! Across our Nation we offer the same special discounts and highly professional service.  The United States has a united people…and Fathom Realty will provide our heroes with many great benefits and dollar saving advantages… I mean thousands of dollars will be refunded to each hero!

You might ask, “who qualifies?”  Police, firefighters, emt, non-profits, military, medical and teachers.  These are career folks that choose careers based on the needs of others!  We at Fathom Realty share that goal to serve – and as we grow we would like to maintain the culture and reward those that share our belief “Serving others provides Greater Joy”!

Please call and ask if you or a friend might qualify? You just might! I will be happy to explain details of the program, no obligation! 540-379-1949

and search property at or better yet work with Michael Straley who will seek to understand and work for your best interest, whether buying or selling.