COMMUNICATION write,talk,listen?

As I learn about blogging and receive even just a couple of replies, it reminds me that I am not alone, as I often feel I am on an island.



It also brings to mind the fear which is imposed on the ability to say the right thing –

at the right time and in the right way  There are so many interpretations of mood, inflection and

even words in both personal and business communications.


Like Slow Children!  Does that mean the children are behind at school?  Or does it mean we are to drive slow?  Does it mean there might be children present but don’t expect them to run?



Words are such a paradox.


We can’t express ourselves with them or without them many times!  Are we more civilized with words or are we more critical and therefore less civilized because of words?  Hence choose our words carefully.


Choosing words is a big part of being a successful REALTOR.  We want to be encouraging, at times, but always truthful.  To allow myself  to “get a life”  and enjoy freedom of speech I must also be mindful of how words may affect others feelings or actions.


I often make an effort to frame my opinion based on a fact, and then related to an experience.  Such as, “This home has a beautiful pool; I know several persons say it has changed their life and brought their family closer together.”   This fact is much different than stating this house is worth more if you add the cost of the pool.  This is an easy example, as we all know; a pool may actually disqualify the home from a purchasers list!

 ImageTO WR

It is also important to remember when to write and when to speak.  

Instructions from our clients should be in writing.  Such as 1) Tell the buyer why I am moving, or 2) Prepare a notice.

 However, opinions or emotions are better spoken, so inflection and body language can be evaluated such as:

 “Do you think we listed my home too high” – “I am concerned about the traffic to the commuter lot, maybe I shouldn’t buy?”


Decisions from our clients should be in writing.  1) I do not want a counter offer.  2) I will not repair the sink in the basement.


Disclosures are best conveyed in writing.  1) The airport noise is only at lunch time but we are in the flight path.


So let’s meet and chit / chat about ideas!  Which brings up  the reciprocal agreement?  Listening!!! ???


Listening is another chapter, stay tuned.  Thank you for commenting on my blog.  I am excited to include blogging into my new activities as we grow Fathom Realty Virginia

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