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Yes you can strike Gold in Goldvein!


Kelmar Farms Virtual Tour

Did you ever dream about the country life?  I did but I still want a beautiful home and landscaping.  I want to be close to town and have the ability to travel north and south, country roads would be fine without all the congestion!   If I had a hundred acres I wonder if I could make it income producing?  have pets?  Maybe horses?  or work from home?


Well the dream is here!  It can be true, actually it is true at Kelmar Farms!      3258 Thompson Mill in Goldvein!  Well it’s almost true – how about 97 Acres and everything else above and below is included too!

Questions and Answers from the Sellers!


Pricing is More than a Number! Think!

Go Straley Group explain that market stats are not able to be discerned at a moment’s notice.  Not by a consumer or a real estate agent.  It takes study.  It is intentional.  It is unique and personal to your property, your marketplace and your location.

There is no other way.   This is why a professional agent in the market daily, for years or decades, will be your valuable resource.

It’s priceless – for the peace of mind alone.  Knowing everything has been considered.

Go Straley has visited thousands of properties over decades!  Through inspections, strategies and negotiations the experience internalizes and the results are tracked.



Pricing a home for a buyer, as well as a seller is critical.  There are money leaks riddling the process and most of the time you don’t even know what you lost.



It’s not a game of asking more and settling for less.  It is a target.  It is precision.   Most often you only get one time to hit the target.  Don’t waste opportunity!

Go Straley Group gets it right the first time – every time. 


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Learn More About Fredericksburg



Go Straley Group wants to tell you all about Fredericksburg or you can experience it for yourself live!

Whether a buyer, seller, homeowner or renter you will love the vibe!  The old town, large town, small city vicinity boasts over 200,000 in Stafford, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania.

We feature new home builders, buyer tips, but also local news and events!  Learn about school closings or traffic jams – as a Subscriber!

Offer discounts and drive traffic to your store as a business owner.   Check the link about to learn more about our great town.


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Buyer Starts Process by Asking Questions?


When buying a home, it’s important to think carefully about your offering price—but also your offering terms.

Most purchase offers define both. And in some cases, terms and conditions can represent thousands of dollars in additional value for buyers—or additional costs.

Terms may include inspections, requests for specific property repairs, or timing considerations, such as a conditional purchase clause (if, for example, you must first find a buyer for your current home).  When finding a REALTOR® you want to ask specific questions to qualify their professional abilities as your representative!


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Negotiations are about inquiring about the individual parties – what are their needs? What is the value of the property? What is the feeling? Are both parties equally paired in negotiation techniques and feelings?

1. The monthly difference of $3000 per month is about 15 dollars at 4.5% over years – does your buyer qualify for this? Is it worth a couple of Starbucks a month to own this house? If not, move on????  CLICK HERE TO AMORTIZE

What is the additional down payment? $0 or $300 or $600 – does the buyer have this?

2. The buyer may have requested some items from the seller that may be removed or purchased by others – such as home warranty? Home warranty can be purchased by other parties or perhaps after closing (30 days I think, please confirm.)

3. Is there another type of financing that may save buyer monies? If he is a hometown hero, you might wish to contribute 20% and Parkmont would contribute $750. Fathom Partners to SAVE MONEY FOR HEROES!

4. Do you have a thoughtful and specific estimate of closing costs. Ask your lender and title company to crunch the numbers – the difference in a negotiation may be won or lost based on the difference of a ballpark estimate and specific estimate.

5. Does the seller have a Title Policy – does the title policy qualify for a 20% discount to the buyer at the title company purchase of title insurance. Depending on type of policy, when it was purchased, and who is issuing new policy sometimes there may be a credit or reduction in cost to the buyer title insurance.

Are we really present?  Are we using time well? or are we just a shadow of our real selves?
Are we really present? Are we using time well?
or are we just a shadow of our real selves?

6. Take the $3,000 off our commission if you feel the benefits out weigh the consequences.

7. Discuss this with your client – strategize negotiations with your client – 1500/1500 750/750/750/750 –   Who can participate??

8. Looking forward, you need to have an understanding of your clients home inspection expectations, as negotiations continue throughout the process. Do buyer and seller have like minds on upcoming issues. Do you expect appraisal difficulties? You need to inquire, if your buyer still wants much more or if seller has no room to budge further – setting expectations forward may be a part of the discussion now with your client and the coop agent.

9. Does the seller have the money available? Perhaps the seller is bringing money to the table – and has no more? Perhaps the seller has plenty of money on the table and just “feels” he wants more. Confirm this is not a potential short sale.

10. Bottomline, what is the property worth? Is the buyer getting a deal, a fair price, or over paying – this is always the starting point. What is fair market value?? Learn more about the GOLDILOCKS THEORY

Always follow your ethics with Cooperating Agent When Negotiating…

Standard of Practice 16-16
REALTORS®, acting as subagents or buyer/tenant representatives or brokers, shall not use the terms of an offer to purchase/lease to attempt to modify the listing broker’s offer of compensation to subagents or buyer/tenant representatives or brokers nor make the submission of an executed offer to purchase/lease contingent on the listing broker’s agreement to modify the offer of compensation. (Amended 1/04)

Is your Battery Always Needing recharged?

GO STRALEY GROUP of Fathom Realty Stafford, Va. Licensed in Va.
of Fathom Realty
Stafford, Va.
Licensed in Va.

1. Don’t fetch your mail constantly – turn to push every hour or simply check email a couple of times of day and create greater peace and less distraction, too!

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Mail>Fetch New Data and change “Push” To OFF.

2. Do you really need Music Equalizer when music is simply coming through a phone. Save the good sounds for a system and keep your phone simple.

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Music>Set EQ to OFF.


3. Secure and Save Battery! Turn the Auto-Lock to one minute! So you need to swipe and open – at least your phone is not d-e-a-d! Save battery and Auto-Lock sooner.

To change this: Navigate to Settings>General>Auto-Lock, then tap on 1 Minute.

4. I paid for 4G but do you really need it? all the time? think about it? Use my phone quickly and have a dead battery… that’s no fun!

To Turn Wi-Fi on: Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi> Toggle Wi-Fi To On and select the local network [including password if needed].


Turn off Notifications.

5.What notifications do you need, and what notification are you not sure about? Some things I bet you don’t even know what it is! Check this out!

To Turn off App Notifications: Navigate to Settings> Notifications and select accordingly.

I love the idea of saving my battery, saves the life of my phone!  and Helps me Clean up the House!  No more cords at every outlet on every level!  We all have been talking about this problem so let’s get WISDOM and take ACTION!


GO STRALEY GROUP says selling houses is a mission!

Life is about to GET A WHOLE LOT BETTER for the REALTOR® and the CLIENT! If we learn to embrace the unfamiliar and articulate VALUE! What is your mission?

GSG logo

The GO STRALEY GROUP Mission Statement is our truth:

We are a team of successful REALTORS, with sustained study and preparation in advance of your call.  We stand ready to deploy and craft the unique plan for your transaction that will enhance the extraordinary and mitigate the limitations.    We will celebrate with you on the sunny days and we will walk beside you on the stormy days. It is by this navigation, not just by good intention, that you will likely reach your destination.

horiz-bw2-gray 2

FATHOM REALTY Mission Statement is our truth:

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. Our philosophy is that happy real estate agents provide the best service and give the most back to their clients. The best technology, training, support & commission splits in the industry!


SO IT IS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL!  The public does not need or want to walk into a real estate office anymore?  Who has the time?  Why would I want to walk into an office and have to work with the duty agent?  What if I don’t like them, or they don’t understand my lifestyle?  Office environments limit choice and Internet environments expand choice! The secret formula, is CUSTOMERS LIKE CHOICE!  Fathom Realty, was awarded a badge of honor – 2014 INC 500 FASTEST GROWING REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE!

Rebecca and Michael Straley will tell you why it is good for the Client and the REALTOR®

Mike.Rebbeca.Straley.final (1 of 1)

YOU NEED TO BE AUTHENTIC!  and you need to have the integrity to deliver what you say you will!  





Real estate just got a whole lot better!



COMMUNICATION write,talk,listen?

As I learn about blogging and receive even just a couple of replies, it reminds me that I am not alone, as I often feel I am on an island.



It also brings to mind the fear which is imposed on the ability to say the right thing –

at the right time and in the right way  There are so many interpretations of mood, inflection and

even words in both personal and business communications.


Like Slow Children!  Does that mean the children are behind at school?  Or does it mean we are to drive slow?  Does it mean there might be children present but don’t expect them to run?



Words are such a paradox.


We can’t express ourselves with them or without them many times!  Are we more civilized with words or are we more critical and therefore less civilized because of words?  Hence choose our words carefully.


Choosing words is a big part of being a successful REALTOR.  We want to be encouraging, at times, but always truthful.  To allow myself  to “get a life”  and enjoy freedom of speech I must also be mindful of how words may affect others feelings or actions.


I often make an effort to frame my opinion based on a fact, and then related to an experience.  Such as, “This home has a beautiful pool; I know several persons say it has changed their life and brought their family closer together.”   This fact is much different than stating this house is worth more if you add the cost of the pool.  This is an easy example, as we all know; a pool may actually disqualify the home from a purchasers list!

 ImageTO WR

It is also important to remember when to write and when to speak.  

Instructions from our clients should be in writing.  Such as 1) Tell the buyer why I am moving, or 2) Prepare a notice.

 However, opinions or emotions are better spoken, so inflection and body language can be evaluated such as:

 “Do you think we listed my home too high” – “I am concerned about the traffic to the commuter lot, maybe I shouldn’t buy?”


Decisions from our clients should be in writing.  1) I do not want a counter offer.  2) I will not repair the sink in the basement.


Disclosures are best conveyed in writing.  1) The airport noise is only at lunch time but we are in the flight path.


So let’s meet and chit / chat about ideas!  Which brings up  the reciprocal agreement?  Listening!!! ???


Listening is another chapter, stay tuned.  Thank you for commenting on my blog.  I am excited to include blogging into my new activities as we grow Fathom Realty Virginia