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Learn More About Fredericksburg



Go Straley Group wants to tell you all about Fredericksburg or you can experience it for yourself live!

Whether a buyer, seller, homeowner or renter you will love the vibe!  The old town, large town, small city vicinity boasts over 200,000 in Stafford, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania.

We feature new home builders, buyer tips, but also local news and events!  Learn about school closings or traffic jams – as a Subscriber!

Offer discounts and drive traffic to your store as a business owner.   Check the link about to learn more about our great town.


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Who Is Your Hometown Hero?

My father is a Marine!


I went to 23 different schools before graduating high school! I learned to say “yes sir”, put my hand over my heart, and stand silent when the colors were raised or lowered.  I learned to do my best which includes admitting when I am wrong.  My father dedicated his life so we might enjoy freedom! So our children and grandchildren might enjoy freedom!  Being a Marine brat wasn’t easy but I did learn priceless lessons – like respect and gratitude!  Which is why I sought to work with a company that puts culture first, FATHOM REALTY.

Everyday our Hometown Heroes provide services and empathy that goes above and beyond! Days and Months and Years go by with little reward or gratitude sometimes and Michael and Rebecca Straley would like to be the REALTOR advocated for our Hometown Heroes! Those heroes that put the needs of others first. Please think about who your Heroes are! Tell them thank you! and look them in the eye when you say it!  Appreciation goes a long ways!

Fathom Realty is a service-oriented company looking to serve REALTORS that wish to serve clients! United we can say thank you! Across our Nation we offer the same special discounts and highly professional service.  The United States has a united people…and Fathom Realty will provide our heroes with many great benefits and dollar saving advantages… I mean thousands of dollars will be refunded to each hero!

You might ask, “who qualifies?”  Police, firefighters, emt, non-profits, military, medical and teachers.  These are career folks that choose careers based on the needs of others!  We at Fathom Realty share that goal to serve – and as we grow we would like to maintain the culture and reward those that share our belief “Serving others provides Greater Joy”!

Please call and ask if you or a friend might qualify? You just might! I will be happy to explain details of the program, no obligation! 540-379-1949

and search property at http://www.GoStraley.com or better yet work with Michael Straley who will seek to understand and work for your best interest, whether buying or selling.