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Is your Battery Always Needing recharged?

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1. Don’t fetch your mail constantly – turn to push every hour or simply check email a couple of times of day and create greater peace and less distraction, too!

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Mail>Fetch New Data and change “Push” To OFF.

2. Do you really need Music Equalizer when music is simply coming through a phone. Save the good sounds for a system and keep your phone simple.

To turn it off: Navigate to Settings>Music>Set EQ to OFF.


3. Secure and Save Battery! Turn the Auto-Lock to one minute! So you need to swipe and open – at least your phone is not d-e-a-d! Save battery and Auto-Lock sooner.

To change this: Navigate to Settings>General>Auto-Lock, then tap on 1 Minute.

4. I paid for 4G but do you really need it? all the time? think about it? Use my phone quickly and have a dead battery… that’s no fun!

To Turn Wi-Fi on: Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi> Toggle Wi-Fi To On and select the local network [including password if needed].


Turn off Notifications.

5.What notifications do you need, and what notification are you not sure about? Some things I bet you don’t even know what it is! Check this out!

To Turn off App Notifications: Navigate to Settings> Notifications and select accordingly.

I love the idea of saving my battery, saves the life of my phone!  and Helps me Clean up the House!  No more cords at every outlet on every level!  We all have been talking about this problem so let’s get WISDOM and take ACTION!