Buyer Starts Process by Asking Questions?


When buying a home, it’s important to think carefully about your offering price—but also your offering terms.

Most purchase offers define both. And in some cases, terms and conditions can represent thousands of dollars in additional value for buyers—or additional costs.

Terms may include inspections, requests for specific property repairs, or timing considerations, such as a conditional purchase clause (if, for example, you must first find a buyer for your current home).  When finding a REALTOR® you want to ask specific questions to qualify their professional abilities as your representative!


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8 Things Custom Construction in Fredericksburg Require

Barry and Holly Clark and son, Liam are in the process of building the most gorgeous custom Craftsman home in Fredericksburg!  They have found custom home building to be equally challenging and rewarding!

Don’t make it your fred chatham bridgedream home.  Wow that sounds crazy, or actually not!

If you are building your dream home, everything has to be perfect!  and it will not!  Don’t put the added pressure on your self, your relationship, and your builder.  Get it mostly right – develop the overall vision!  What are you trying to accomplish?  When do you want to move in?

1- Scheduling is critical!  In building a new home – the schedule is as important as the budget.  Don’t keep asking the builder to change or add to and be surprised if he/she is not finished on time!  It is you not them!  Keep it simple.  Set time checks in your schedule so Continue reading 8 Things Custom Construction in Fredericksburg Require